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Marina Caffiero, prof. ordinario di Storia moderna. Si occupa di storia sociale e culturale dell’Europa moderna, con particolare attenzione ai rapporti tra politica e religione. Ha al suo attivo numerose pubblicazioni e monografie


I‘m Full Professor of Modern History at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Department of History Cultures Religions. The main part of my scientific activity concerns: 1) religious and cultural history and in particular the relations between politics and religion during the process of secularization that occurred in Italy and in Europe in 17th, 18th and 19th centuries; 2) economic and social history, and especially the structures of Rome and of the Roman countryside during the same period; 3) gender history and in particular women‘s writings in Early Modern Europe. I published ten monographs, about one hundred essays and articles in Italian and foreign magazines and I edited ten miscellanies. One of my books was translated and published in France (Editions de l‘ EHESS, 2006). Another one was translated and published in the USA (California University Press, 2011). I was for a long time the coordinator of the PhD course “Society, Politics and Cultures from Middle Ages to Contemporary Age” at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. I‘m the founder and the editor of the series “Sources for Women‘s History” published by Viella, Rome, with eight volumes published. I attended and organized several national and international conferences. I have been “professeur invité” at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Marseille and Paris. I contribute to many scientific magazines, as director or as member of the editorial staff ("Rivista di storia del cristianesimo", "Roma moderna e contemporanea", "Storia delle donne"); I‘m the founder and director of the scientific web magazine "Giornale di Storia" (
I am a member of "Institut de recherche pour l‘étude des religions" in Paris and of the scientific committee of "Institut européen J. Séguier" in Nimes (France).
Three of my books have already received a prize.
Finally I partecipated an I am still member of different Italian and international research teams, as national coordinator or as director of the local unit (CNR, MIUR, FIRB, FARI, European projects). I was the national coordinator of the PRIN/2006-2008 project: "The Mediterranean of the three religions".

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